All of the diamonds we offer are either VS or VVS quality. VS and VVS refers to the clarity of each diamond, which affects a diamond's ability to refract light, or "shine". We do not offer lower clarities, such as Si-clarity or I-clarity diamonds which are dull in comparison, but to remain affordable, we also offer VVS lab-grown moissanite.

Why not natural moissanite? Natural moissanite tends to be incredibly rare and forms as tiny crystals, which is not suitable for jewelry. Lab-grown moissanite allows for both melee stones and high carat weight solitaires, which are perfect for engagement rings.

Why not lab-grown diamonds? Lab-grown diamond pricing is so erratic, it makes it extremely difficult to offer value at a price that is justifiable. It is controlled by the real, natural diamond pricing despite still being lab-grown. Also, on diamond testers lab-grown diamonds often test as moissanite, making it even more difficult to justify as a big purchase.

For that reason, we will continue to offer both VVS natural diamonds and VVS lab-grown moissanite to offer extremely high quality alongside pricing that makes sense for our clients.